Taking Care of Your Tree:

Always cut an inch off the trunk of your tree right before you put it in your stand so it will take water.  If the fresh cut is exposed for too long it will seal up.

Make sure your stand does not run out of water or the fresh cut on the trunk will seal up.  Your tree will drink a lot of water the first few days.

Keep your tree out of direct sunlight and other heat sources so it will no dry out.

It's nice to have a tree bag under your tree for easy removal when it's time to take your tree out.

An evergreen's fragrance is in its sap. To bring out more aroma cut a small branch or scratch the trunk of the tree

If you want to get your tree but are not ready to bring it inside, you can always put it in a bucket of water in your garage until you are ready.  That can work well with everyone's busy schedules.

The stand we sell was invented by an Iowa Christmas Tree Grower.  It can hold a trunk of any shape or size and holds a gallon of water.  It is very easy to use and comes in two sizes.